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As a trucking company owner, you have the difficult task of finding and retaining top talent. You are competing with high wages and big sign-on bonuses from other companies looking for drivers too! It is our goal to match these best-in-class employees to your team so that they can solve your driver shortage today – we understand how urgent this need may be when time is critical.

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    Trucking is a great career choice for many people. It offers the benefits of good pay, decent hours, and an opportunity to get home every night. If you are thinking about getting into truck driving but don’t know where to start your search, call us!

    We offer for employers


    Safety check

    Hiring qualified people for a trucking career is hard! But that’s why we’re here. You can rest assured, your future drivers will have these skills: responsibility, punctuality, patience, and problem-solving. We offer for employers safety check – get a clear idea of the candidates you seek to employ before you hire them!

    Lower cost per hire

    We lower the cost per hire for employers and help them find local talent. With many years of experience, we know what it takes to get you set up with your first shipment.


    High volume of interviewed applicant

    At Impact Recruiting Center, we streamline the process of finding qualified applicants for both jobs. We have an efficient interviewing process that cuts down on in-office time and costs resulting in more savings for employers.


    Increase retention

    We at Impact Recruiting Center have begun a task force to help trucking companies by getting back into the game and make our nation great again one job applicant at a time.


    Reduce the risk of hiring mistakes

    Our goal is to make hiring employees hassle-free for you while mitigating your risk of losing employees in many different ways.

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    We produce results

    We produce results

    Deliver quality

    We deliver quality

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    We fill trucks